Hello KGT Church Family,

I trust you are doing well amidst all the changes and stresses we have experienced these past few months. We are thankful that some of the needed restrictions have been relaxed lately.

I am pleased to share with you a little about this Sunday June 21st. We are opening for our Sunday morning service at 10:30 a.m., up to 30% capacity.  We aren’t able to open our other programs at this time, just our Sunday morning service. If you are not comfortable meeting together yet, that’s okay, we will continue to provide our online service and weekly videos. 

I am very thankful that we can meet together. I appreciate our provincial leaders for opening this up for churches. We do need to meet together in a way that complies with the health and safety guidelines around Covid-19, as directed by our provincial and regional heath units.

We do need you to be aware that it will not be a typical Sunday morning service. Here are some things I think would be helpful for you to know in advance. There is only one entrance to the building because we need to count how many are coming in. Please use the main entrance on the east side of our building. Our gym, kitchen and fireside rooms remain closed as they are being used daily to prepare meals for those in need.

Both the balcony and main auditorium will have seating available. Every other row will be closed to accommodate 2 metre distancing. The isles and hallways are set up for one way traffic. Arrows are on the floor and signs on the walls to guide you. To enter the balcony, please use the stairwell at the far west side of the lobby (closest to Freshco), the other stairwells are available to use as exists. We can have a maximum of 2 people in each washroom at a time. We will have a couple volunteers to assist you for when they are available.

There are diverse opinions and feelings over how to live out this unwanted reality of a pandemic. Philippians 2:4 and Romans 12:10 tell us to honour others over ourselves. When we meet together as a church family, let’s do our best to do so in a way that honours and respects our leaders and cares for each other.

Thank you for your prayers and understanding as we do our best to lead you through these unusual times.

With love and care,

Pastor Phil