Terms and Conditions - Kingston Gospel Temple Summer Day Camp 2020

Updated August 23, 2019

Please read the terms and conditions carefully. They govern our relationship with you in relation to the Summer Day Camp Program. If you have any questions about them or do not wish to accept them, please contact us before submitting your Summer Day Camp Registration.

For the purposes of these terms and conditions, We/Our/Us means Kingston Gospel Temple Inc. We may change these terms and conditions at any time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to review these terms and conditions to ensure you are happy with any changes. Any updates or changes to these terms and conditions will be denoted by the date updated. Indicating that you agree with these terms and conditions is required in order to finalize your registration submission.

1. There are 20 spots available for each week of Summer Day Camp as determined by our accepted leader to child ratio policy. When you register for a week of Summer Day Camp, you are registering for one of these spots. As such, we cannot take registrations for partial weeks, as that would take a spot away from those wishing to register for a full week. If you only need a partial week of Summer Camp, we will require you to pay for the full week, as you are paying for the spot, not the days you receive this service.

2. Places will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Once each week of Summer Day Camp is full, it will be removed as an option on the registration form and will be shown as ‘registration closed’ on our website.

3. Payment in full must be completed either as an e-transfer at time of registration or in person at our church office before your spot can be confirmed. Should you require special arrangements for your payment, please contact the office of Kingston Gospel Temple before submitting your registration form. When you submit your registration, you will receive an email confirming that we have received your registration, but your spot is not confirmed until payment has been received.

4. Please direct all e-transfers to info@kgtchurch.org using the password “Camp2020”. Please make any cheques payable to “Kingston Gospel Temple Inc.” Any cheques that are returned NSF will be subject to a $25.00 processing fee. Following the first NSF cheque return, no further cheques will be accepted as payment. Debit and Credit Cards are accepted on site at Kingston Gospel Temple. Credit Cards will not be accepted over the phone.

5. Cancellations can be made up to two (2) weeks prior to the beginning of each week of Summer Day Camp for a full refund. Cancellations made after two (2) weeks and before one (1) week prior to the beginning of each week of Summer Day Camp will receive a refund of 50%. Except in the case of extraordinary situations (at the discretion of Kingston Gospel Temple) no refunds can be issued for cancellations made less than one (1) week prior to the beginning of each week of Summer Day Camp. Kingston Gospel Temple reserves the right to select the method of refund.

6. Credits are not issued for missed days due to illness, injury, vacation or other conflicts.

7. Kingston Gospel Temple reserves the right, at their discretion, to withdraw any camper whose influence or actions are deemed dangerous or harmful to themselves, other campers or camp and church staff, or who will not follow the rules and policies of the camp. If this occurs, no reduction or return of fee, or any part thereof will be made. Parents will also be responsible for any extra cost associated with returning their child home early.

8. The hours of camp are 9:00am - 5:00pm each day. Before care is available from 8:00am at a cost of $10/day and after care is available until 6:00pm at a cost of $10/day. Kingston Gospel Temple and its employees are not responsible for children outside of the above hours. Children will not be taken into the camp before 8:50am (or before 8:00am when registered for before care) and must be collected by 5:00pm (by 6:00pm when registered for after care). There will be a late pick up fee of $1.00/minute for late pick up after the first 10 minutes. For those registered for aftercare a late pick up fee of $2.00/minute applies for any late pick up after 6:00pm.

9. The days of camp are as follows: Week One (1): Monday July 6 - Friday July 10; Week Two (2): Monday July 13 - Friday July 17; Week Three (3): Monday July 20 - Friday July 24; Week Four (4): Monday July 27 - Friday July 31; Week Five (5): Tuesday August 4 - Friday August 7; Week Six (6): Monday August 10 - Friday August 14; Week Seven (7): Monday August 17 - Friday August 21. Week Five (5) is a short week due to the Civic Holiday and will be reduced in price to $80.00 reflecting the 4 day week.

10. Due to the wide range of allergies, dietary restrictions and needs of each child, Kingston Gospel Temple will not provide lunch or snacks. Please make sure that you send your child with all snacks and lunch items. To prevent the accidental exposure to allergens, no child is permitted to share or trade food items with any other child. Because some children’s allergies are contact based, food will only be permitted in designated areas, and all children will be required to wash their hands after handling food items. While we cannot guarantee an allergen free environment, we will notify you by email if any specific food restrictions are required when a child is registered with a severe food allergy.

11. It is advised that children bring sun screen and a change of clothing with them each day of Summer Day Camp.

12. Kingston Gospel Temple is not responsible for the loss or damage to any property belonging to the participants. All valuables must be left at home. Electronic equipment such as phones or iPods should also be left at home.

13. Parents agree to pay for property damage caused directly, or indirectly, as a result of negligent action of their child.

14. Summer Day Camp at Kingston Gospel Temple is not equipped to offer one on one or specialized care for children with special needs or behavioral conditions. Day Camp Staff are not able to provide support for children not yet toilet trained. All children registered in the Summer Day Camp Program must be able to participate in the group activities with the other children. All children must be able to independently care for their own washroom needs. Kingston Gospel Temple reserves the right to withdraw any camper who is not capable of participating in the group setting, or has repeated washroom accidents. If this occurs, no reduction or return of fee, or any part thereof will be made.