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Community Life Group C

Wed, April 11, 20187:00 PM - 8:15 PM

K.G.T. will be continuing with a new, ongoing small groups direction, known as Community Life Groups. Everyone is invited and encouraged to join a group
in order to get to know one another better, and to enjoy fun, fellowship and maybe even some food from time to time! Really, there is no better way to get
to know others in the church.

Community Life Groups will meet each week, either at the home of one of our wonderful leaders or hosts, or some will meet right here at the church. As well as the weekly small group meetings, we will periodically hold larger gatherings which will bring together all of the small groups in order to build further on
the growing sense of community. Let’s all learn and grow together, finding out the Lord’s way to sustainable growth, vitality and joy in both our individual
and corporate journeys.

You can sign up online at www.kgtchurch.org/adult-ministries or signup sheets can be found in the lobby. If you have any questions, please feel free to
contact us!

Church Office: 613-548-3855 or info@kgtchurch.org